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Glassware normally refers to drinking and eating apparatus made from glass. There are many types available, and we will disseminate the more popular ones used in homes and restaurants. Chances are, you will have at least two or more types in your home.

Beer Glassware


Most people think that there are only one or two types of beer glassware. This is not entirely true. Depending on the style of beer served, it normally would have its own special container. For instance, a pint glass is used when pouring Stouts and English Ales. An ordinary pint glass is normally shaped like a cone, a jug or with a flared top. Next on the list is the Pilsner glass, good for of course, Pilsner beer. Slim, slight and narrowed, this glass works best for light beers. For serving Scottish Ales and other styles of aromatic beer, a tulip glass is recommended. Its curvatures separate it from other drinking glassware. The most common of beer glassware would be the eponymous wheat glass beer, found in almost every pub. This glass is narrow at the bottom at wide at the top, meant for holding beer foam in place.

Wine Glasses


There are many types available, and we will look at the more regular ones. This glass stemware ordinarily has 3 components; bowl, stem and foot. The red wine glass usually comes in two forms – for Bordeaux and for Burgundy. A Bordeaux glass is tall with an expansive bowl, meant for full bodied wines such as Cabernet and Merlot, whilst a Burgundy glass is wider than the former, compatible for aromatic wines like Pinot Noir. White wine glassware consists of a wide range of types, from Champagne flutes, (long stem with a slender bowl) to Chardonnay glassware which are ample and shallow. White wine glasses generally have narrower bowls, so that the wine can remain crisp and full of flavor.

Cocktail Glassware


The most seen cocktail glassware would be the Whiskey glass. It is very small and meant for a single pouring at any one time. Next is the Shot glass, which houses up to 4 ounces of liquor. It is thicker in the base than a whiskey glass. Another trendy piece of cocktail glassware would have to be the Highball glass, used to mix a myriad of highball drinks, like Gin and Tonic and Long Island Tea. If you go to a restaurant or bar, chances are your alcoholic beverages would be made in one. An Old Fashioned glass is usually used for serving simple cocktails or beverages taken “on the rocks” (meaning the choice of drink is diluted with ice cubes) and is wide-shaped and stocky. A Collins glass, shaped like a tapered cylinder is used to serve mix drinks, in particular Tom Collins cocktails. Aperitifs, port and sherry are normally served in a sherry glass, which is minute in size, approximately 120 milliliters. And finally, let us not forget the ever-enduring Martini glass, immortalized by James Bond and represents elegance and exquisite taste. The Martini glass has a long stem with a flat bowl shaped like a cone, permitting the drinker to hold the glass without tampering with the drink’s temperature.